Custom Bollards American Precast Industries

Precast Concrete Bollards Built to Spec

American Precast Industries is now offering fully custom bollards in various sizes and configurations, including 12″, 18″, 24″, and any steel pipe size needed to suit your requirements. Built from Pole Base technology, these precast concrete bollards are set to meet or exceed their expected lifespan.


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Custom Texture Options

Round Smooth

If you’re just looking for a classic–this is the base for you. Without unsightly rings left on the base from stripping the cardboard tube or possible bug holes from pouring on-site, the Round Smooth base is simple by look, yet sophisticated by design.

Round Rusticated

The Round Rusticated base features a bevel, giving a decorative touch to a familiar look. Include this architectural accent to your base to set your site apart from the people next door.

Bollard Solutions

For contractors and specifiers that want to take back control of their job site and improve safety measures, custom bollards produced by American Precast Industries with Pole Base technology are a precast foundation built to spec that simplifies your work. Pole Base allows you to make your jobs more predictable and more profitable because the concrete bases are manufactured with your exact specifications. Our bollards add an enhanced visual appeal without sacrificing durability & practicality.  

  • Enhance Security
  • Visual Appeal
  • Parking Barriers
  • Safeguard Parks, Plazas, & Retail Centers
  • Keep your Construction Site Safe